The world over has been faced with the problem of insane deaths due to diseases and chronic health conditions. It is due to this reason that there has been the need for the private sector to step in and assist the government in the fight against these conditions. It is due to this reason that Non-Governmental Organizations, such as Relief India Trust have stepped in to assist in mitigating the situation. Institutions such as this have really lent a big hand in the situation through various ways. These ways include the following:

  • Strengthening the health workforce

The world’s statistics dictate that close to 1 billion people across the world have never seen an actual health worker. As surprising as this fact is, it is also very saddening. As most countries head into pandemics, organizations such Relief India Trust have stepped in to fill the gap that the central government cannot cover. The organization has slowed the rate of the deaths by privately strengthening the health sector by employing more and more health workers. Through government and other fund sources, the organization has also been able to provide health care in the  most remote of places for absolutely free.

  • Advocating for smoke free work places

Non-Governmental Organizations cannot actually do everything on their own. Also, being proactive is more effective than being counteractive. Due to this fact, the organization has invested in advocating to lifestyles that don’t leave to health risks. One of these conditions is creating a smoke free environment to minimize the risk of long term cancer patients. Through several initiatives, the organization has advocated for workplaces to be drug free zones. The initiative has also been extended to areas such as schools, hospitals, civil offices and other more populated areas.

  • Consumer product regulation

In the sense of being proactive, there has been a great need for organizations like the  Relief India Trust to be on the forefront of controlling the products released to the consumers. This is due to the fact that there have been many cases and research that have shown that most of the disease conditions are caused by the fact that most of the food that consumers get from manufacturers is not a hundred percent safe for long term consumption. Therefore, the organization has endured to ensure that the food that manufacturers produce is of good quality. This is possible through the partnering of the organization with the government and other relevant regulatory commissions. Through this partnership, the consumer products that don’t reach the standards that the partnership sets are rejected for the overall protection of the general population.

  • Urbanization regulation

The organization is also involved in the control of how the population and industrial sector decide to advance in whatever way. This is due to the fact that urbanization and industrialization have been linked with increase in diseases and chronic diseases. As a result the organization is on the forefront in flagging down any developments that pose a long term risk to the population. All these efforts are all in a bid to create a better tomorrow for tomorrow’s generation.

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