Relief India Trust – a respectable NGO

Nowadays we are witnessing a slow and less caring world. People aren’t being affected by the stories of the poverty of the Third World countries. We live in a world where great wealth is unevenly distributed, and those having that wealth are not willing to give even a tiny speck […]

Relief India Trust celebrating birthday of a underprivilieged child

Relief India Trust – a hope for India!

Have you ever wondered how it is like to live an underprivileged life in an underprivileged society? Did you feel it on your skin to be at the bottom of the hierarchical ladder of the society? Did it ever cross your mind how those people live and what daily struggles […]


Education is the pillar upon which every society across the world is built. Therefore, the provision of education is one of the most important issues that the government of every country has to ensure is kept at the best of standards. In countries where the major part of the population […]

Relief India Trust..striving hard to foster growth

Nonprofit organizations are recognized for their unfaltering services in various sectors with the aim to foster growth in societies with rapid pace, leading to progress and prosperity. They have given lasting impact on living patterns of people along with making them a civilized and well aware citizens. These organizations also […]

Relief India Trust-Social-Activities

Relief India Trust… striving hard for Better Tomorrow!

Relief India Trust… striving hard for Better Tomorrow!

In order to foster prosperity and ensure sustainable development, it is imperative that there is equal distribution of wealth in society, prevailing social justice, women empowerment and provision of all types of rights to every individual equally. By failing to do the above necessary measures of development, there have been […]

Relief India Trust… the second name of the prosperity!

Nonprofit organizations are well recognized for their philanthropic work extended for deserving and vulnerable people living in multiple remote areas of numerous countries. They have set their objectives on bringing prosperity, through eradication of various sorts of evils, and helping people getting rid of chaotic situation that they are faced […]