Healthcare has been one of the most hectic sectors in most countries. This is due to the fact there is a larger number of patients than the number of clinics available. Due to this, there has been a great need for private health providing entities to step in and lend a hand. As such, organizations such as Relief India Trust come in and try to offer as much medical support so that people can have a better chance of survival in case of serious conditions. As seen, the improvement of the health sector can only be achieved through partnership and coordination.

As a private entity, the Relief India Trust works hand in hand with the government in providing health care services. However, unlike most private sectors that are aimed at getting profit from providing services, the trust is non-profit organization that is aimed at providing the necessary services to the society freely. The organization has been able to provide health care to the people of India in different ways. These include the following;

Disability centers

The number of disability cases across the country has been quite high and the government cannot actually provide care for all those that need it. The Relief India Trust has taken it upon itself to take care of the disabled in the society on behalf of the government. This has been done through the setting up of special centers that have been specialized in taking care of only disabled people. This has been expanded and there are several centers across the country in which mostly young disabled children are brought up. In these centers, they are provided with the necessary medical attention they need and also they are educated just like other children in society.

Clinic building

The trust has also endured to build numerous clinics across most of the rural areas of India. This has been done to ensure that the people in the most remote areas have access to medical care. This has been a great help to the fact that most of the people in these areas are not capable of affording decent medical care. As such the initiative has done a lot of good in reducing the amount of casualties that people face.

HIV/AIDS centers

AID is a worldwide pandemic that all states are battling to get rid of. Joining in the fight, the trust has set up several testing and counseling camps to ensure that people can get access to testing of their status. The centers are also involved in the issuing of antiretroviral drugs for those that are infected with the virus. The drive has helped a lot in educating the society on better ways of engaging with people that are affected by the virus so that they are not under the risk of getting infected themselves. Lastly, the initiative has also helped in ensuring that the number of people that die in a year from the disease is reduced by a very large margin. The trust is ever calling for partners that want to partake in transforming the medical sector of the country.

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