For many years now, the Indian woman has been held down by society and has been under the thumb of injustice for decades. This has been the case due to the fact that most of the people in Indian society have for a long time believed that the man in India held all the rights in households and across all platforms in society. This has been a very sad state in India as this oppressive lifestyle has left most women in very sad conditions. It is due to this fact that the Relief India Trust and other fellow non-governmental entities have taken it upon themselves to become the voice of the women and provide an atmosphere where all can achieve their set goals in life.

The Relief India Trust has invested in helping out women in the following ways;

Creation of women’s centers

In the past, the women have had a serious problem of not having a place where they can go and just be free to talk about the issues that they face in their daily life. However, this will no longer be the case as the trust has invested in creating centers where women have this freedom to share and at the same time get empowered to endure with the challenges they face as women in India. In these centers, the women have complete independence to visit and participate in functions without having to seek the go ahead from their marital partners. It’s more of a safe haven for the women.

Basic skill training

Relief India Trust also understands that most of the women in society are subject to social injustice due to the fact they are not capable of being independent on their own. This has been due to the fact that most of them have been under the care and provision of other parties, thus unemployed. As a result the only way to ensure that the women in society have a voice again is if they are made independent by job creation. To make this possible, the trust has set up center to train women with the basic job skills that they may find useful in their lives. With such skills omen can start businesses of their own and even get employed, thus growing into independence.


The reason as to why most of the women have succumbed to oppressed lifestyles is due to the fact that most of them are a result of the girl child oppression that has been there for quite some time. This is to mean that most of them have grown up in conditions where most have not received adequate education to compete favorably in the society. To reverse the effects of this condition, women across India are being taught to read and apply knowledge to try and cover up the gap that is left behind in their childhood. Through this the trust believes that the women will learn how the to voice their grievances in an intelligent manner. Lastly, through education they are also taught how to run their businesses and nurture the young girls in society too.

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