Relief India Trust promotes education by teaching underprivileged kids

It’s 6 in the morning, or perhaps this is what his broken wrist watch is displaying in the poorly lit dilapidated house. From a make-do window carved in the tarpaulin sheet, he looks out. It must be around 6 as the retired soldier is still in the park, stretching his ageing muscles. He gets up. Gives himself a moment to settle down and then splashes some cold water on to his face to wake up his senses. His kids and wife are still asleep. He was lucky to have received some stale bread from a nearby house. While he is making himself a quick meager breakfast with portions as little as fit for an infant, a thought crosses his mind. Perhaps he should take the longer route this time. This way, he will come across more garbage. And if the gods are gracious, then he might as well find some left-over food thrown by a rich family. He throws a quick glance at his two daughters sleeping peacefully and is relieved. If it weren’t for Relief India Trust, her daughters would have been following his footsteps instead of getting educated.

This is the story of Bishan Singh, a rag picker whose 2 daughters receive education in school started and managed by Relief India Trust. He still remembers the day when volunteers from RIT came to his house and offered to educate his daughters. Without help from this NGO, the kids would have grown up to doing odd jobs like Bishan.

Relief India Trust is an NGO that has been actively working towards making society a better place. They run schools to educate underprivileged kids.  Just like Bishan Singh’s kids, RIT is helping build future of many children on India, especially girls . As per data collected by Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, school dropout rate amongst adolescent girls is a high 63.5%. Most of these girls have to dropout because of family financial conditions. RIT works towards helping these girls continue their studies. Every child that receives education becomes harbinger of an improved standard of living for the generations to come. After all, education is the strongest media to bring about a change in this world.

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