Relief India Trust: Help the deserving

Poverty is an epidemic spread across many parts of the world. One of the most affected country in the world is India. India houses a huge population that is poverty stricken and need of help to rise from their condition. Poverty is the root cause of other conditions that man suffers from. Some of the problems associated with poverty are hunger, less education facilities, homelessness etc. It is necessary for us as the general population to help get rid of this infestation in the country. Many NGO and government groups take part in this process to help the country get rid of its poverty.

NGO’s (non-profit organizations) that work independently and have no intentions of profiting from the social service they provide to the society. They do not believe in making money, but are solely established to make the world a better place by their activities. Most of these activities include helping the poor, providing food and education, providing medical assistance etc. to the destitute and needy population of the country. The NGO’s consist of a dedicated group of professionals who have volunteered their services for the betterment of the society.

One such NGO is the Relief India Trust organization that helps in the betterment of the society. This NGO was established with the aim of providing free services to the deserving but needy people of the country. The group consists of many professional who were willing to devote some time from their regular jobs to service the needy for free. Doctors, engineers and other professionals from different walks of life are present in this group. These people take active participation and help relieve the poor people with their skill sets. Relief India Trust is looking for more such people who are willing to donate their time for such a cause.

The organization has done a tremendous job in the country since its inception. They have actively conducted drives all across the country to educate the common people on the need to get rid of the disease poverty that has affected the nation. Also, they make sure to come in contact with individuals who are in need of assistance. The Relief India Trust makes sure to distribute books and clothes in the vicinity to alleviate the condition of the poor. Teachers volunteer to teach the poor kids the need for education and inculcate moral values within them. Doctors are there to help relive the physical pain of some of the patients in the camp who cannot pay for their own. Free medical check-ups are carried out by the doctors.

Relief India Trust is in constant need and look out for people who can contribute to their organization in any possible way. They want more people to share their vision of a brighter India and help them achieve their goal. Donating money, clothes or your services will be graciously accepted by the trust and you get to be an active part of it. So go ahead and be a part of the change!

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