Relief India Trust expresses dismay over killing of Cecil

Relief India Trust has always been vocal about the basic principles it believes in.  The prime among them being the value of a living being’s life be it animal’s or human’s, all alike. Killing of animals for pleasure is a highly condemned act. The gravity of this situation gets intensified when the animal being bled to death is an endangered creature. The hunting of Cecil, the most beautiful lion in Zimbabwe is a display of cowardice and insensitivity.

Cecil was the most loved lion in Zimbabwe for various reasons.  First was the majestic animal’s beauty. With a black mane, even the collar around his neck used to look good. The second was his friendly nature. Though ferocious if disturbed, Cecil could allow people to come as close as 10 meters to him, all this, without harming the visitors. But so much for a painful death. He was lured into the woods and brutally shot by an arrow, then de-skinned and decapitated.  The hunter, Walter Palmer, an American Dentist, decapitated Cecil and took away his head as a trophy. That’s just pure inhumane. Relief India Trust has for long working towards making people realize the value of a living being. But incidents like these tell us that there is a lot of negativity in the world that needs to be removed.

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