Relief India Trust believes nothing could absolve Yakub Memon of his crime

April 12th, 1993, 13 bomb blasts and Mumbai was rocked to the core; security forces jolted out of their dormancy and a frantic caught the city. The 1993 Bombay bomb blasts have gone down the pages of history as the most severe terrorist attack in India. More than 250 people were killed and thousands suffered major injuries. And 22 years later, the justice has been served, although not completely. Yakub Memon, accused of being involved in these bombings was sent to the gallows and hanged. But the execution of capital punishment drew flak from various Human Right Activists and people who criticized the Supreme Court of India for passing the wrong sentence.

Relief India Trust, on the contrary, has complete respect for this judicial verdict and believe that the hanging is completely unbiased and based solely on the facts that were analyzed by the esteemed panel of Supreme Court judges.Various lawyers, politicians and celebrities, including Salman Khan voiced their opinion against this hanging. Many human rights activists tried to condemn this capital punishment on the accounts of emotional grounds. They brought into the picture Yakub’s love for his daughter and wife. But nothing could move the objective and wise judges of the Supreme Court.

They stayed true to their duty towards the constitution. Relief India Trust has a very small request to make to people. Kindly have faith in the judiciary system. No legal right of Yakub’s was by passed while the case was going on. He even filed for a curative punishment. We must not forget that even those who died on that fateful day had families. Why isn’t there any human right support for such families. We must look at the larger damage that was done. More than 250 people dies, but over 250 families were destroyed. Yakub Memon may or may not have been a key conspirator, but we all must accept that he had a major role to play in the bombings.  He got a chance to talk to his daughter before his hanging. The deceased of the bombings did not receive any such privilege.

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