Relief India Trust – a respectable NGO

Nowadays we are witnessing a slow and less caring world. People aren’t being affected by the stories of the poverty of the Third World countries. We live in a world where great wealth is unevenly distributed, and those having that wealth are not willing to give even a tiny speck of it to those who crave for it only in order to satisfy some of the basic human needs guaranteed by the Declaration of Human Rights. However, there are a lot of Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organizations that are willing to give some hope to those who need it the most. What are those organizations doing? Who are they helping to? How are they helping? Probably the best answer will be if we take a look at how and what is Relief India Trust – how do they do it?

Relief India Trust is an organization that claims to work to reduce the incidence of disability and facilitate medical care for abandoned and less-privileged children. It operates through community participation, education, protection and promotion of a healthy environment, and building of human capital as central to the activities of the organization. ‘Betterment of disempowered’ is the motto of this organization that describes the best the purpose of it: it helps all the underprivileged people across a billion people country of India. Their activities are consisted of so many different aspects: for instance, they help in providing food to poor people, they have medical teams, which go to all of the remote places of India in order to help the sick and poor people get treated as they deserve. It is the best way to try and effectively help, especially the underprivileged and ‘forgotten’ children that deserve only the best and a bright future they have a right to.

By establishing a societal balance, the Relief India Trust is trying to provide a better future for all of the people of India no matter what race, religion or social status. The contribution of these organizations to the society development can be enormous if people understand the necessity of having this kind of organization running and operating freely. By doing so, the society itself is opening towards a development and equality that this world so desperately needs. If only people could follow more the example of the people from the Relief India trust and feel the empathy towards the one that need so little to be happy, the world would be a different place then. Everyone can join a cause, you just need to feel it coming from the deep of your heart. You can join on various layers, you can either be a volunteer, donate blood, donate clothes because there are so many of us with full wardrobes of clothes and yet there are even more of those who are having almost nothing, you can give donations to the organizations fighting for a certain cause, it can be poverty, underprivileged children education, improvement of medical services etc. There are so many organizations, you just need to get out of your comfort zone and pick one.

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