Relief India Trust – a hope for India!

Have you ever wondered how it is like to live an underprivileged life in an underprivileged society? Did you feel it on your skin to be at the bottom of the hierarchical ladder of the society? Did it ever cross your mind how those people live and what daily struggles do they have to confront in order to survive? Most of those ‘silent wars’ with life itself are happening in the Third World countries. We can only guess how those people survive or try and engage somehow and ease their struggle, and there are so many ways, we just need to feel the injustice in the world and engage. One of the most effective ways is through Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organization that are specialized in providing various ways of help to the ones needing it the most. Those ways of help can vary from money donations to active involvement through volunteering. One of the best examples of a successful organization that provides help for the underprivileged people is Relief India Trust.

So what basically Relief India Trust is doing is trying to find the most suitable way to reestablish the state of societal equality, where the basic rights of all the residents of India are exercised freely and without any restrictions. In a big country like India, a society can easily collapse under the burden of inequality and that is the main mission of this organization, to fight the inequality by providing the basic necessities to the one lacking them the most. Basically, after spotting a major problem, solutions are being searched and soon after that there are already people in the field trying to either completely solve a problem that is causing the inequality or try and prevent its spreading.

What are the problems that are constantly weakening the Indian society? First of all, it’s education – and that is one of the main targets of the Relief India Trust because one shouldn’t just focus on the poverty, but try to find the source of the poverty itself and in most of the cases that is the lack of education, and that’s why the organization focuses on educating all of the underprivileged children – in order to try and secure their future. By doing so, the organization is not only saving them from poverty now, but ensuring them a secure future by leading them on the right track. There are also other forms of help, mainly through donations from all over the world that help the organization to engage in various forms of providing help, through improving education, improving the medical system of a community, ensuring basic needs in food, medical supplies, and especially clothes, educating the local community how to overcome some of the problems by themselves and making them independent. All of this can even be done in a bigger level, but as always there are no enough of positive responses and help from where it should come the most.

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