Cases of diseases ravaging people in locations are one of the things that the world over has grown accustomed to from all areas. This is of course due to so many factors. However, governments all across the world are ever coming up with solutions to boost the medical sector in […]

The Untiring Efforts of Relief India Trust!

It is an undeniable fact that in every corner of the world, there are some segments who are denied of their  basic human rights. That is the reason that always there exists societal imbalance leading to the creation of various classes defined based on the socio-economic status. Governments in the […]

Relief India Trust…stepping towards better tomorrow

Prosperous yet developed societies are outcome of the spirit and enthusiasm of people to help each other, in order to resolve problems faced by deserving segment of society. In this regard, non-profit organizations have set milestones, in accomplishing their targets to serve needy people living in remote and underdeveloped areas, […]