The job industry in India is becoming a challenge as most of the people that are available in the market are more than there are jobs for them. Without jobs to work on, the population is left with no legal and right way of earning an income and some mostly end up opting to use crude immoral means to make money. As a result, there has been great need to find solutions for the jobless section of the society.

Due to this problem, Relief India Trust as an organization has to some extent tried to formulate a solution for the issue. As an organization itself, the trust is involved in actual job creation. There are so many levels in which the job seekers can find employment in the organization. These include the following;

  • Managerial level

For all those that have undergone study and have succeeded, the organization offers jobs in various managerial and administrative positions. This is due to the fact that the organization is composed of many different branches across the country and as such, there is a need for several center managers to control all the activities involved in the centers.

Relief India Trust as said earlier is quite a vast organization and as such entails a lot of money transactions. Therefore, the organization is often getting more financial clerks, advisors and auditors to monitor the money flow in the organization. Therefore, for those with knowledge on any of the above are more than assured to find a vacancy once in a while in the organization.

  • Transport level

As an organization that serves almost all parts of India, Relief India Trust entail a lot of movement of resources from one location to the next. Therefore, the organization hires plenty of drivers so that there is a smooth movement of the required resources.

  • Medical level

The trust is highly involved in the formation of clinics and many other medical centers to provide health care services in places that are remote or not covered by the central government. Therefore, the organization does hire a lot of medical staff to take care of this section of the organization. In some other cases, the organization is also involved in medical research and as such the organization might also partake in the hiring of research scientists in the medical field to look into issues that the organization may want to solve.

  • Other levels

In some other situations the organization may undertake new tasks that are not always taken on for long term situations. For instance, the organization may want to have a risk analysis in the event of a disaster of some kind. In this case, the organization may temporarily hire staff to partake in the risk analysis of the situation. This is also the case in some medical researches as well. Other areas include caretakers that are charged with the responsibility of taking care of children and patients in the various centers of the organization.

In all the above cases, the organization has played an important role in ensuring that some of the population is employed. However, the organization does also avail room for those that want to learn basic skills in the training centers that the organization has.

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