Every country in the world has had their legislative branch form a bill of rights for human protection. The bill of rights in every country is usually a very famous section of the constitution. This is because, this section of the constitution dictates all the rights and go ahead that are accepted by the law. In this section, all the citizens under that constitution are informed of the type of rights they have and the parameters in which they are enjoyed.

Despite the clear indication on how the rights and freedoms are to be used, there are still parties in the countries that don’t respect these laws and go above it. In the event one goes beyond their limit of the freedom or right, the obvious scenario is that another party’s right is violated. In case this happens, the offended party is well within the rights to seek legal action against the counterpart. However, in most cases in society the rich and influential partake in human right violation through various indirect means. In most cases, the affected parties may not have the voice to raise the issue, but this is not to mean that they should still undergo the injustice continuously. It is in such a case that Relief India Trust acts as a voice for the oppressed.

The Relief India Trust is among one of the most influential campaigners for the conservation of human rights across the whole of India. The campaign is against  many different forms of injustices. However, the trust does face many challenges in the process of fighting for the rights of people. These include;

  • Ignorance of citizens of their rights
  • Lack of support from the public in the fight
  • Political influences

Despite the challenges that Relief India Trust faces, the organization is still in the forefront in the fight. The trust partakes in the fight in the following ways;

Policy formation

The trust is one of the strongest voices to the government to formulate laws and policies that protect the citizens from corporate greed. This is through the emphasis on the government to enact laws that bar producers from producing under quality goods that may cause harm to the consumers. This is with an aim to conserve consumer rights. Despite some of the consumer’s ignorance of their rights, the trust still relentlessly holds the line on behalf of the consumers.

Human rights watch commissions

One of the most effective ways to deal with issues on human rights injustices is through the formation of committees that are charged with the responsibility of watching over the rights of the citizens under it. The trust is highly involved in the contribution to the formation of human right watch committees. Through these committees, the trust is capable of ensuring that those that violate the rights of the citizens are subjected to legal action. This is done by the use of these commissions. Therefore, the human rights are kept secure from all sides and as such everyone observes the parameters

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