Child abuse victim wants social evils to be burnt this Dussehra

Last Dussehra was a traumatizing day for this 3 year old girl when she was abducted and raped by 2 men. The girl is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Her life hasn’t been easy since then. In her school, where she has been ostracized by her class mates, she learnt the significance of Dussehra; victory of good over evil. Since then, this innocent child has been asking her parents relentlessly if her assailants would suffer the same fate as Ravana. Relief India Trust believes that it is important to have the society rid of the prevalent evils.


Child abuse victim want social evils to be burnt this Dussehra

Child abuse victim want social evils to be burnt this Dussehra

Lakshmi’s (name changed) childhood was brutally vandalized last year when two men lured her on the pretext of a chocolate and took turns to rape her and left her in the woods. Found by her mother lying unconscious, she was rushed to the nearest government hospital. The girl was in a horrible condition. Struck by a trauma, she couldn’t even utter a word; such was the toll of the horrendous act. Suspecting a sexual assault, the doctors informed police about the case. But Lakshmi’s troubles weren’t ceasing.


The second harrowing experience for her was the medical examination to confirm rape. Instead of being kept in a separate room, Lakshmi was made to lie on a bed in the general ward. With all the eyes glued on this little girl, rumors were rife about the incident. The family was eagerly waiting for the doctor to come, oblivious to the dismal experience that was waiting for the girl ahead. The doctor took two hours to come and when she did, at once, spread Lakshmi’s legs and inserted a finger in the vagina for the checkup. The girl gasped and screamed in a voice that was hardly audible but her moist eyes revealed her fear. Doctor confirmed rape, but insensitively brushed it as a ‘minor rape’ and went away. Then came the police, pressurizing and threatening the family against registering a case.


It has been year since the case has been registered but there has been no development. The rapists are still roaming free and perhaps vandalizing other childhoods. Relief India Trust requests police and government to help girls and safeguard their dignity. There can be nothing more remorseful than a little kid getting such mortifying scars on her subconscious for the rest of the life.

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