Relief India Trust

Relief India Trust: Help the deserving

Poverty is an epidemic spread across many parts of the world. One of the most affected country in the world is India. India houses a huge population that is poverty stricken and need of help to rise from their condition. Poverty is the root cause of other conditions that man […]

Relief India Trust (Help the deserving)

Relief India Trust celebrating birthday of a underprivilieged child

Relief India Trust – a respectable NGO

Nowadays we are witnessing a slow and less caring world. People aren’t being affected by the stories of the poverty of the Third World countries. We live in a world where great wealth is unevenly distributed, and those having that wealth are not willing to give even a tiny speck […]

Relief India Trust – a hope for India!

Have you ever wondered how it is like to live an underprivileged life in an underprivileged society? Did you feel it on your skin to be at the bottom of the hierarchical ladder of the society? Did it ever cross your mind how those people live and what daily struggles […]


The job industry in India is becoming a challenge as most of the people that are available in the market are more than there are jobs for them. Without jobs to work on, the population is left with no legal and right way of earning an income and some mostly […]